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Behavioural Assessment

‘Professional Human Performance’ is the identification and measure of strength of a person’s core professional attributes: skills, expertise and experience, along with their own human behaviours, both natural & adjusted to cope once they are in post.

Competency is the capability of individuals to do a job properly, even to excel.

Competencies are a set of defined attributes that provide a structured guide, enabling the identification, evaluation and development of the core capabilities vesting within individual employees, as well as those set out within a specific job description.

The fusion of behaviours and competencies creates a powerful platform for matching people to specific job roles, with the people they will work with and for, and to the professional environments that they will inhabit.

Having got it right, in terms of successfully matching up new hires with the behaviours & skills based competencies required to underpin their success in – post, you will have created an invaluable vehicle for strengthening employee retention rates.

i-D from F10 is a hiring methodology aimed at de-risking the hiring process. By mapping both behaviours and competencies (skills, expertise and tangible experience), the risk of a new hire becoming a costly bad hire inside the first twelve months are dramatically reduced.

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