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Ensuring the Company is for YOU

Candidates are really wising up to concept of the 'Company Brand, or put simply, how  the hiring company is  positioning itself in order to attract them; and how strongly that message is enforced with  real  'intent' within both the strategy and tactics already in place for on boarding, retaining & developing them!

The concept of a hiring company merely going to market, either directly or through a talent acquisition partner to pitch the role to potential candidates, offering to share nothing more than a job description and a salary/benefits summary, is now becoming obsolete.

The hiring process should be played out from start to finish in a manner that affords you as a candidate, numerous, clear cut opportunities to consume and evaluate all of the non role specific considerations related to working for and succeeding within the business.

Clarity on the real day one, week one, month one mechanics, challenges and expectations within the job should be nailed down – the reality of  what it is actually going to be like when you  ‘hit the ground running’ should stand up to close scrutiny.

Every bit as important will be your understanding and your match up with the company culture, often referred to as the ideology or the ethos. Interwoven with this should be the likely match- up between you, your peers, superiors and any direct reports – completing a behavioral assessment will prove invaluable here.

All of this should be explored against the company’s expectations, plans and track record in developing their people and defining the options for career advancement.

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