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Retain Your People

Does your Talent Acquisition approach seed high talent retention levels?

If not, then you should really be thinking hard about embarking on a pincer movement; by promoting an intelligent, joined up talent acquisition and talent retention model.

Research from APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing companies) shows UK candidate availability to be at a 13 year low, so many of your people will be in demand, in some cases by your competitors!

Pre selling and then continually selling the company’s values and motives around its people puts down a firm marker that acquiring and then developing and retaining top talent is in your company DNA and is seen as a high priority for the business.

Giving career development early and then regular airplay will create a mutual understanding of corporate and individual aspiration, and allows for the company’s forward journey to be mapped with a person’s own career, eliminating the two way guesswork, building trust and encouraging loyalty.

Ensuring that the cultural & behavioral fit is water tight, is now a vital component in acquiring and retaining top talent; so the match up of people to company, their peer group , and within any two way reporting lines is critical to the long term retention of people who feel that they ‘belong’ inside the organisation.

Many companies find that they get the behaviors they reward - If you want your people to innovate and to stay onboard for the long haul, you should be creating an open and inclusive workplace, rewarding individual and collective knowledge sharing and innovative thinking, after all, your people are your most crucial asset.

Modern forward thinking businesses have already recognised that there are many significant ways to encourage people to create a valuable purpose within the business and then reward them for it - not always involving a pay out of financial bonuses or commissions.

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