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Winning The War for Talent

As the battle to attract the very best talent gets even more intense, with the candidates themselves playing a significant role; way beyond that of featuring merely as the 'Target Hire', are you & your hiring stakeholders mounting a 'Pincer Movement’?

In other words, are you as focussed on talent attraction as you are on talent retention?

How will you ensure that you remain the 'Hunter' & protect against becoming the ‘Hunted’?

Candidates are really wising up to concept of the 'Company Brand' - or put simply’ how you are positioning the company in order to attract the best talent, and how strongly that particular message contains real  'intent' . There is a strong emphasis on readily identifying the strategy & tactics already in place to retain & develop them!

Just going to market, either directly or through a partner, in order to pitch the role, is starting to become obsolete – A more considered, more full proof approach is required.

So, are you taking appropriate steps to ensure that your talent acquisition strategy can get you ahead and keep you ahead of the curve on this one?

Research from APSCo ( The Association of Professional Staffing Companies ) shows UK candidate availability to be at a 13 year low; so make no mistake, even if you are the hunter in the ‘War for Talent’, your company and your top talent may well also be the hunted!

By sending out a clear message that you are serious about investing heavily in identifying & engaging with top talent, you will significantly seed your talent acquisition & talent retention success!

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